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12 January 2016

Bangkok, Thailand Mirrabooka, in partnership with Sugar Research Australia and Foss Pacific, recently exhibited at the Bangkok World Sugar Expo Industry Display. This was to promote the CAStrak product, a joint venture between the three organisations. This is a turnkey solution, which is an integrated Sample Tracking, Online Cane Analysis system. It provides a very attractive return on investment, in some cases within one year.

Factory Mimics A new graphical display has been developed for sites using both internal rail and road transport systems. These mimic displays provide the user with a total overview of the delivery/receival cycle from the field to the factory process. It provides the facility to monitor the complete delivery cycle as each consignment progresses through the process stages. These mimics are interactive, and users with the appropriate permissions are able to access and manipulate consignment data.


We are endeavouring to gain certification for HIC version 6.12. This will provide online claiming for DVA and Health Funds.


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